How and where to buy Alchemix (ALCX) in 2021?

Before going into detail where to buy ALCX token (Alchemix), we will introduce you to what Alchemix is.

What is Alchemix?

Alchemix, with its native token ALCX, is a DEFI protocol where you can create synthetic tokens. The token ALCX is used for liquidity mining, as well as for Governance in the project. The project allows for loans, that automatically pay themselves back.

Why should you buy ALCX?
Alchemix (ALCX) got just listed on Binance as of 30.11.2021. This creates an awesome opportunity to get into this token early and make some awesome returns when buying Alchemix now.

The current price and Market-capitalization is as follows:

How to buy ALCX (Alchemix)?

If you were struggling to find a way to buy ALCX, i can calm you, as it is fairly easy:
There are many Crypto-Exchanges out there that allow to buy and trade Alchemix. Personally i can really recommend Binance, as it is the biggest and most trustworthy exchange in my opinion.
Also it has low fees and numerous deposit and withdrawal methods available.

So how to buy ALCX with Binance?

Step 1 – Create an account with Binance.

To create an account, click HERE. You will need the following:
-Your email address (you will need to verify your account via email)
-A secure and hard to guess password
-A phone number (to make your account more secure)

Fill out the registration form and then they will send you a confirmation email. Once you click on it, you can proceed to the next step.

In the next step you can sign up and start using your account.

Step 2 – Verify the account

Next, you need to verify your account to confirm your identity. It is possible to skip this step if you want to do it later. Verification consists of sending a photo of yourself with an identification document.

You can choose to skip this step (for now).

Step 3 – Go to the deposit page

In the Binance toolbar (top left), go to the “Buy Cryptos”.
There you can either Deposit the amount you want using various different payment methods or Buy Crypto directly with your Credit Card.

Step 4 – How to trade Alchemix on Binance

After funding your account with either Fiat or Cryptocurrency, you can now easily buy ALCX:

In the toolbar select “Trade” – “Classic”.
After that you can search for “ALCX” on the trade.
There you have to option to trade ALCX/BTC, ALCX/USDT and also ALCX/BUSD:

If you choose to trade ALCX/USDT, just click on it and scroll down a little bit. There you can enter the desired amount of ALCX you want to buy.
You can either choose to buy “Market” (to the best price available) or “Limit” (for a price you set yourself).

Buy ALCX with Limit Order on Binance

After entering the amount you want to buy – just click on “Buy ALCX” and you are done.

Price prediction for ALCX

With a relatively low marketcap, ALCX definitely has further room for growth. At current prices, it is not unrealistic that we could see returns from 100 – 1000% or more.

Technical Analysis Price Alchemix (ALCX)

As we can see in the above chart – the outlook is bullish. We have seen some correction from ATH recently. This could be a good entry point, given that ALCX has just been listed on Binance, which will for sure attract new buyers.

But as always: do your own due diligence and only invest what you are willing to loose.

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