How to buy The-Sandbox (SAND) crypto instantly in 2021

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Wondering how to buy the cryptocurrency SAND instantly without Credit Card?
Buying crypto instantly and especially to buy crypto instantly without a credit card is quite difficult often, as there are not many providers available that are providing such a services. In this article it will be examined how to buy SAND instantly without a credit card.

What is the Sandbox?

Before going into detail on how to buy SAND instantly in Europe and many other parts of the world, the project The Sandbox will be explained in a few lines.

The Sandbox is virtual Metaverse that operates on a blockchain. You could thus call it a crypto-metaverse.
In “The Sandbox” players can build, own and further monetize their own user generated content. The crypto token SAND operates on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that everything that happens inside the metaverse is stored on the Ethereum-chain forever.
The project consists of three main products:
VoxEdit, which is a 3d modeling program, that also allows the creation of NFTs
Marketplace: NFTs that were created with VoxEdit can then be listed and sold on their own NFT-marketplace.
Game Maker: With this free program to build games in the “Sandbox” metaverse, everyone can become a game developer themselves using the software for FREE.

This project is a fully integrated gaming universe, where players can customize and create everything on their own. They can even own parts of the Sandbox world:
There are 166,464 Landplots in total (called LANDS), where each LAND can be owned by players. Just to compare, one land equals about 96x96m of space in the real world.

The token SAND itself has a lot of use-cases. It is the main token of the project and can be used for Governance, Staking, Accessing the “The Sandbox” platform and much more.

After this short overview of the project, we will now take a look on how to be able to buy the token.

How to buy SAND instantly without a Credit Card?

In order to achieve this we will use the Crypto Exchange
It is a crypto trading platform that was awarded as “The best Crypto broker” in Europe in the years of 2019 and 2020.

How to actually buy The-Sandbox (SAND) instantly in the UK and the rest of Europe?
(outside of Europe – please check if available in your country)

Step 1 – Create an account in 3 minutes
To create an account, click HERE. You will need the following:
-Your email address (you will need to verify your account via email)
-A secure and hard to guess password
-A phone number (to make your account more secure)

Click on the orange field “Get Started”.
After that, fill in your personal details, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

After that, you just need to verify your email, as well as your phone number and you are ready to Login to your account.

Step 2 – Deposit or buy Crypto instantly

In the Dashboard you can now either Deposit and buy SAND later or click on “Buy” in top bar to buy SAND instantly.

When you click on Buy you will see a page similiar to the one above.
To switch to buy SAND, simply click on the Token Icon in the below part. To change the payment method, simply click on the “Visa” logo in the above part.

Payment methods to buy SAND instantly without CreditCard

You can buy SAND with “EPS”, “SEPA Bankwire”, “iDeal”, “Bancontact”, “Carte Bancaire” and also with your Credit Card.

Above you can see all the available payment options besides CreditCard to buy The Sandbox instantly. Choose the one you prefer – I will use “EPS uberweisung”, as it allows me to buy SAND with online banking instantly.

When you have chosen your preferred method click on it and then confirm by clicking on “Preview”. After that you need to finally click on “confirm and buy” and you will be redirected to the payment processor. Now you can simply buy it with your bank account online and after you are redirected back to your account, the SAND tokens will appear in your account after a very short period of time.

I hope this little guide was helpful to show an alternative to quickly buy crypto SAND without a credit card.

This is no financial advice. Do you own due-dilligence and only invest what you are willing to loose.

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