Watch these 5 Cryptos in 2022 if you want good returns

The years 2020 and 2021 were two amazing years in the market. Bitcoin has risen more than 770% and Ethereum even more than 3500% – that is really amazing.
However in 2021, the rise of the memecoins was a very often discussed topic in the crypto-space. Dogecoin was able to gain more than 15.000% from the beginng of the year to its ATH.
This is by for not the most be could observe in this crazy crypto bullrun. Very likely, you have already hear that many people made a lot of money with Shiba Inu (SHIB) and hold on.
SHIB made an incredible return of over 100.000.000% from the beginning of the year to its high in 2021. 100 Million Percent – that is not imaginable.
This kind of return means, that for every single dollar you spent on SHIBA on January 1st of 2021 you would have had 1 Million USD at its high. Or but different – buying 1000$ worth of SHIB
at the beginning of the year could have made you a billionaire! That is really unbelievable.

Thinking about these developments in the crypto markets in 2021 and 2020 makes us wait with joy for the year 2022.
If there are similarly strong rises next year – and at the moment it looks very much as if the bull run will continue – one should already be thinking about coins or tokens that could increase in value next year.
What will be the next Dogecoin (DOGE)? What will be the next Shiba Inu (SHIB)? Which cryptos do I need to buy to get rich?

While this is difficult to answer as luck is likely to play a big role, it makes sense to look at crypto projects that show great potential for the coming year and buying these cryptocurrencies could therefore bring a good profit in the coming year.

Here are my current top 5 cryptocurrencies that are expected to grow strongly in 2022.
If you think of getting rich from buying cryptos or think about what cryptos that will 1000x or more in 2022, you should for sure take a closer look at these 5 Cryptocurrencies.

TOP 5 Cryptos that will likely shoot up in 2022

Please note that this list is in no particular order.

SAND (The Sandbox) Metaverse Crypto that has huge potential

With the recent talks about metaverse from Facebook (META) CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the discussion this regard really got heated up. The potential market here seems to be really huge.
That’s why The Sandbox, with it’s token called SAND seems to be particullarly interesting. The Sandbox is virutal Metaverse that operates on a blockchain. You could thus call it a crypto-metaverse.
In “The Sandbox” players can build, own and further monetize their own user generated content. The crypto token SAND operates on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that everything that happens inside the metaverse is stored on the Ethereum-chain forever.
The project consists of three main products:
VoxEdit, which is a 3d modeling program, that also allows the creation of NFTs
Marketplace: NFTs that were created with VoxEdit can then be listed and sold on their own NFT-marketplace.
Game Maker: With this free program to build games in the “Sandbox” metaverse, everyone can become a game developer themselves using the software for FREE.

This project is a fully integrated gaming universe, where players can customize and create everything on their own. They can even own parts of the Sandbox world:
There are 166,464 Landplots in total (called LANDS), where each LAND can be owned by players. Just to compare, one land equals about 96x96m of space in the real world.

The token SAND itself has a lot of use-cases. It is the main token of the project and can be used for Governance, Staking, Accessing the “The Sandbox” platform and much more.

SAND price prediction – will SAND moon in 2022?
With the recent trend regarding metaverse and the increased attention metaverse project will get for sure in the short term, as well as in the long term, it is for sure worth taking a look at The Sandbox.

It’s token SAND could be a good investment, given that the attention for projects like that are likely to increase. Having portion of your portfolio allocated to SAND is for sure not a bad idea.

You can find more information on their homepage:

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IOTA – Will IOTA shoot up in 2022?

IOTA is a project that is around since 2016. It’s concept is to allow fast (almost instant) transactions between humans, machines, vehicles and devices. All of this happens in the so called Internet-of-Things (IoT).
The development of this project happens in a tight connection to major real world players (companies) in this area (e.g. BOSCH).

In the Iota chain it is distinguished between so called “data transactions” and “Value transactions”(i.e. payments). And this is not the only difference to blockchain projects like Bitcoin.
IOTA does not use a blockchain, but rather something they call “The Tangle”. This is a little bit complicated to explain in detail, but to put it simple:
In order to make a transaction an user has to validate at least 2 other transactions – which means that all the transactions are validating each other.
The main advantages are that it is easily scaleable, has no transation fees and – as opposed to PoW projects – gets faster and faster the more users are using it.

Will IOTA shoot up in 2022?
While the project was really hyped back in 2018, where we could observe large gains it was a little calm in the last period of time. However, a lot of deveopment happened in the background.
I see it a little as a “sleeping giant” that could, in my opinion, easily x50 or more in 2022.

You can find detailed information in the IOTA Wiki:

SCRT – Lots of potential – SCRT could really moon in 2022

The Secret Network is a crypto project where the main goal is to achieve full data protection. Making use of fully encrypted Smart-Contracts, Secret Network which keep the privacy of users what they want them to – stay private and do therefore enable the safe transfer of private data.
It emerged from the Enigma crypto project, which is a decentralised Smart Contract protocol.
Secret Network allows for private, as well as safe transactions, while still making the transactions visible in their smart contracts. It is therefor the best of both worlds.
It will therefore likely play a huge role in regards to Dapps, which are also booming currently, as well as DeFi, which is one of the fastest growing sections in Finance as well as crypto.

The native token of the Secret Network is called SCRT and is used to pay for fees in the network, as well as for staking and governance.
Regarding staking, in the Secret Netowrk ecosystem the Proof of Stake nodes are called Validators and users can stake their SCRT to such validator and receive (at the time of writing) a nice 30% APY.
Which is really awesome, especially if the price of SCRT will likely further rise in the future.

Price Prediction? Will SCRT make me rich?
This project is fairly undervalued in my opinion, as privacy and safe transactions are an important topic in the DeFi world.
Assuming that DeFi will further grow in 2022, Secret Network will likely be used more often and the SCRT token is therefore likely a very good investment.
According to some research, many people think that SCRT will hit a price of 50$ – 100$ in 2022. Thats a 10x – 20x for the SCRT token next year.

For further Information please check out the Secret Network Graypaper:

MANA (Decentraland) will further grow in 2022?

Decentraland is another metaverse project in the crypto universe. While MANA has already shown a nice performace in 2021, this trend is likely to continue in 2022, due to the above mentioned trend towards metaverse not only in crypto, but also in “the real world”.
This project is based on the Ethereum blockchain and it is a virtual-reality platform, where users can create content and applications and monetize it there. Similiar to “The Sandbox” it is possible to own real estate (land) and build on them, which allows to earn from it. For example it is possible to build a “Club” and let users pay entry.
You can basically do whatever you want, as there are acutally endeless possibilities. The caribean island Barbados for example has already build a digital embassy in Decentraland!
A lot of experts in the metaverse field are assuming that Decentraland could become one of the most important projects of all metaverse-applications – and this market will be huge. Furthermore, dApp-Games are also becoming more and more popular, which is another Sector in which Decentraland is shining.
Further growth in these two fields will for sure catapult the price of MANA on to new heights.
Many analysts are assuming price increases of over 100% for MANA crypto in the foreseeable future.

More information on Decentraland Website:

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the Top Cryptos and will further grow in 2022

Well, as you obviously noticed this is not one Crypto but rather two. The reason for this is that these two cryptos are probably the best known in the whole society and even your grandparents have possible heard of either of those two.
While the chance that Bitcoin or Ethereum will increase in price for another 1000% is likely less than for smaller projects, because they already have a huge market capitalization – these two are sure a good bet, where you should always allocate a good % amount of your crypto-portfolio towards it.
If the Bull-Market cycle will stay in tact in 2022, it is not unlikely for me that Bitcoin will break the 100.000 Dollar price mark and Ethereum could also reach prices above 10.000$.
For Ethereum, the transformation from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (Ethereum 2.0.) will also have signifcant effects and hopefully target a main problem that the Ethereum is currently facing: the high transaction fees.

I hope this article was helpful and I’m really looking forward to 2022. If we can see similiar development in the crypto-universe like we have seen in the past 1-2 years, the projects mentioned above are good candidates for some nice returns.

This is no financial advice. Do you own due-dilligence and only invest what you are willing to loose.

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